You Can Volumize Dull Lifeless Hair With These Few Unbelievable Tricks

07. 25. 2022

If you are struggling with dull, lifeless hair, it might be time to rebrand your typical hair care routine for something a little more effective for it. Amazing locks and sleek, voluminous strands are a difficult thing for some, but there are some tips and tricks that experts say are proven to help with thin strands and textures. So listen to us and you can find out all the juicy secrets for bouncy and voluminous hair.

The Cause of Lifeless Hair

There are plenty of reasons why your hair would lack volume. Thin and fine hair by nature is going to struggle with being as voluminous as you may like. Your hair can also be weighed down by weight, whether that weight comes from an excess of leave-in products and styling gels being left in the hair for a long time or from the hair itself holding a lot of weight. Keep in mind that hair also retains memory like memory foam. If you style it the same way every day for a long time then it will naturally have learned to lie that way, meaning that you can end up teaching your hair to be flat.

Fixing Buildup Issues

If you want to get your hair to have more volume and you use a lot of product you can try removing it with extra special cleaning. Using shampoos designed for getting rid of the excess buildup of product, you can be sure to keep your hair from being weighed down again.

Volumizing Products

After you have cleansed your hair of the excess buildup, start using a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to really make sure your hair stays big and lively. You can even go all out and utilize some different styling products designed to help give your hair extra body if fixing buildup problems did not help you get the volume you want.

Give Yourself a New Go-To Style

If your style is the same every day that can be a massive contributor to your volume problem. Especially if it is a sleek, tight style that would teach it to be flat and straight. You can fix this by changing your style. Having a new go-to style, especially one that promotes volume, can seriously help. For example, if you add curls or waves to your hair this can create a more voluminous look. Changing where you part your hair evenly, can give your hair a needed boost in the body. You can use rollers and teasing as well to boost the effect to make sure you teach your hair how to be lively again.


Highlighting your hair obviously will not make your hair thicker and voluminous, but it will certainly make it look that way. They can help bring an extra dimension to your hair because the effect of the lighter strands with the darker colors adds the illusion of more depth than may actually be there.

Get A New Haircut

If none of these solutions help you to get the hair you desire then you may just simply need a new haircut. Different cuts can help promote a voluminous look and our stylists at Suede Salon can help you with that. You can also get styling done at the salon for curls, extensions, waves, and perms with salon-grade products that offer a volumizing lift to your hair.

Tease Your Roots

Teasing the hair is another way you can get some extra volume to your hair. Use a rat tail comb and use a backcombing motion to tease at the roots of your hair enough to add some extra body, and use hairspray to keep it all in place once you are done. The result should be a gorgeous, bountiful hairdo.

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