Considering Waxing? Here are 5 Great Reasons To Give It A Chance

02. 28. 2023

The warmth of Spring is a clear sign that the time for waxing is upon us once again. Removing unwanted hair and getting clear, smooth skin is, for many, an important part of staying comfortable and confident in their skin. Vacation plans and summertime fun are best spent feeling good about yourself!

It’s A Natural Exfoliant

Should you exfoliate your skin a couple of days before you go to get yourself waxed? Yes. Does that make it any less of a great natural exfoliant? No- it still does a great job. The exfoliating aspect leaves your skin feeling softer and smoother than it did before you got your wax. The biggest reason to exfoliate a couple of days before your appointment is so that your skin is clean and fresh so that the wax can stick to the hair instead of dead skin and anything else your skin collects. 

Fix Strawberry Legs

Ever heard of strawberry legs? If not- have you ever noticed that after you shave that you can still see little specks where the hair follicles lie under the skin? This can show up pretty strongly on people with a fair complexion, especially if you tend to grow thicker hair. What this is is hair trapped under the skin, as well as pores, clogged up with dirt and anything else that can get inside. What better way to prevent this than with waxing? Shaving can make it much more prominent, and waxing tears the hair out at the root- so there’s nothing left peeking out from under the skin. You get left with a smooth, even tone and well-groomed legs. Just make sure to keep them clean, so dirt and bacteria don’t enter your pores.

Say Goodbye To That Ingrown Hair Problem

Ingrown hairs are quite literally a pain. Sometimes they can be mild, and other times they can be a real pest. Often ingrown hairs come from shaving, where the hair is broken off- especially if you shave with a dull razor and not a fresh, sharp one. Whatever the cause- waxing greatly reduces the risk of you having to deal with the frustrations of ingrown hairs. So say goodbye to the pain, goodbye to the stress, and goodbye to any embarrassment a blemish like this can cause when you start waxing for the very first time. 

No More Itching

When you shave and shave frequently, you often may find yourself dealing with your little friend, razor burn. Razor burn happens when your skin isn’t properly conditioned to be able to handle a razor and becomes worse when you use a razor that isn’t fresh. And what does razor burn do? It itches. 

You Won’t Get Nicked Anymore

What is one of the most frustrating things about shaving your legs? Razor cuts. They can burn, and create unsightly scabs on the legs, arms- and everywhere else. These painful, frustrating predicaments can be avoided if you get waxed instead. 

Preparing For Your Appointment

As we mentioned earlier, you want to exfoliate your skin a couple of days before you come in. Let your hair grow for about a week as well beforehand, so that it gets to a quarter inch long. This is to ensure that the wax has hair to grab onto. Keep in mind how sensitive your skin is as well, as your paint tolerance - if you think you may be sensitive to it then you should try taking a painkiller like Advil or Tylenol a half hour before your appointment to minimize any pain or inflammation.

Make sure to keep your skin youthful and protected with Intellishade! This is a product that can help reduce signs of aging, even the skin tone, and contains SPF 45 for significant protection from UV rays. This will be great for keeping your freshly waxed skin moisturized and protected in its vulnerable state. 

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