Vibrant Hair Color Trends for Summer

06. 15. 2021

Thinking about taking the plunge and making a subtle or bold hair color change this summer? The summer months are the best times to make a statement with a new hair color and this season there’s a lot of trending hair colors and highlights that will have you shining in the sun! Here are some of our favorites we’re seeing this summer to help inspire you to get into the summer vibe.

Brilliant Blonde with Dark Roots. Whether you’re from Cali or just want that California-chic look, opt for bright blonde hair color with dark, dark roots. This shadow root method is typically popular with natural brunettes who have a dark base and use it to blend seamlessly with brilliant shades of blonde on top. This makes the dreaded grow-out phase easy since this look will easily transition to your natural color as it grows out.

Sun-Kissed Chestnut. If you’re a brunette wanting to add some lightness and shine to your hair this summer, this look could be for you! We use your natural base color and skillfully add delicate light blonde babylights throughout your hair. You’ll fall in love with the way the sunlight reflects and glitters off your babylights to bring out amazing color and shine.

Face-framing blonde. We’re already seeing a lot of this look this season. If you have naturally blonde hair, lighten it up for summer by framing your face with dazzling blonde shades. We’ll combine a blonde balayage and a glamorous buttery blonde money piece to give you non-stop blonde highlights that will glisten in the summer sun.

Passion Coral. This not quite red, not quite orange vibrant hair color is trending this season. It’ll give you some added fire for summer and paired with a fun, edgy haircut this season, it’ll demand just the attention you want.

Ginger Galore. Red never goes out of style and this summer’s trending red look is no exception. Whether you’re a natural redhead wanting some spice to your color, or wanting to go red this summer, talk to your Suede Salon & Spa’s stylist about this hair color. By working in layers of shades of red such as copper, ginger, auburn, and burgundy, you’ll end up with a hair color full of fiery goodness that shimmers in the sun with all its multidimensional facets.

Mermaid’s Hair. Also called peek-a-boo color, this ombre-style hair color technique can help you show off intense fantasy colors when you choose the time is right. Start with a deep black, brunette, copper, or blonde base and add hidden colors of purples, pinks, and blues under your base to shimmer through as you move - or put your hair up. This style easily goes from conservative office to sass and fun with just the flick of your hair.

Tie-Dye Highlights. If you want to add some fantasy colors but want to keep your blonde, you can have it all with this ash-blonde color with rainbow highlights. Your Suede stylist will give you a multicolor balayage to contrast against your ash-blonde base to show off a little sass this summer. You can opt for pastel colors or go bold with more neon hues.

Intense Glossy Color. Fantasy colors are still going strong so why not shine this summer with a glossy hue such as hot pink, lavender, blue, or any color of the rainbow. Work in subtle shades of lowlights and highlights to give it a luminous look. You and your stylist can personalize this look with the vibrancy of the colors to give you a style that’s all your own.

If you’re ready to get into the spirit of summer with cool, new hair color, our hair colorists at Suede Salon & Spa are ready to help. You can find us at The Promenade, 500 NJ-73 South, Suite E12 in Marlton, NJ or give us a call at 856.985.0700. Our expert skin specialists are ready to help you get healthy, younger-looking skin. You can also book an appointment using our free mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play.

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