Tips, Products, and Tools to Add Tons of Volume

02. 15. 2022

If your hair is limp, flat, and clinging to your scalp it’s time to learn some tricks to give your mane some much-needed volume. For those with sleek, straight strands, volume can be hard to achieve, but today we are spilling some secrets to help you conquer this challenge and achieve bouncy, voluminous hair.

Why Does My Hair Lack Volume?
Common causes for lack of volume are having naturally fine hair and product buildup weighing your hair down. Your leave-in or styling products could be weighing your strands down as well, or perhaps you’ve trained your hair to lie flat by styling it the same way every day. No matter the cause, there is an easy trick to fix it.

Remove Buildup
You’ll never create volume if your hair is being weighed down by buildup. To remove the product and oily buildup, scrub well with a clarifying shampoo like pH+ Clarifying Shampoo and use it once a week to keep buildup at bay. For shampooing on other days, be sure to use volumizing products like Repower Volume Shampoo and Volume Foam Conditioner to add more body.

Change Up Your Style
When you wear your hair the same every day your hair gets accustomed to laying that way. If you change your part or flip it to the opposite side it will lift your roots for more volume. You can give your hair more substance by applying R+Co Dallas Thickening Spray to towel-dried hair. It will give your blowout mega volume. Some retro styling tools can be helpful as well. Rollers can be used to give roots even more lift, and you can boost the volume of any style with a simple Teasing Comb, a bit of gentle backcombing, and a spritz of Voluxious Volumizing Hair Spray.

Get Help At the Salon
There are many things your stylist can do to help volumize your style. The right haircut can instantly add lift and bounce, and they can suggest products formulated for your hair type that will work best in achieving the styles you want. They can even offer you a volumizing perm or hair extensions for a more long-term solution.

Whatever your volumizing needs, the expert stylists at Suede Salon & Spa are ready to help. You can find us at The Promenade, 500 NJ-73 South, Suite E12 in Marlton, NJ or give us a call at 856.985.0700. You can also book an appointment using our free mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play.

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