All The Tips You Need To Care For Your First Perm

04. 15. 2022

Perms are a gorgeous way to add some bounce and volume to your hair, and they’re a trend that’s coming back this year with gusto. But perhaps you find yourself apprehensive about trying one, wondering how you would need to care for it, or if you could even keep up with it? Not to worry. Caring for a perm is as easy as pie- if you have the right information. Here we have a variety of important things you’ll need to know when you go to get that first perm, so you can look your best for months to come.

Post-Appointment Care

Directly after your perming appointment, you’ll want to limit how much you wash or style your hair. You’ll want to wait at least 24 hours, although ideally, you’d wait 2 days, before doing anything else with your hair. If you wash it too soon then you can actually wash out the perm, and to style, it can potentially create funky shapes in your hair. It needs time to rest and set. This also means that if you had any plans to get your hair dyed within two weeks of your perm, you might want to reschedule so as not to dry your hair out too badly.


Perms have a tendency to strip the hair of vital oils and moisture. Because of this, you want to make sure you replace all that lost moisture with quality conditioners meant to add moisture back. Ideally, you would want a conditioner that is made either for chemically treated or curly hair. Make sure to speak with your Suede Salon stylist afterward to determine what will be best for your hair. Some may even recommend products that will protect your hair from the sun to prevent further dryness, among other things.

Switch to Combs

If you’re looking to get a perm and you’re used to straight hair, say goodbye to your hairbrush. It has served you well, but it just isn’t designed for curls. Hairbrushes that aren’t designed for curly hair will make your hair frizzy and it will cause it to break off way too easily. Instead, to detangle your hair, coat it nicely with a detangler or leave-in conditioner, and use a wide-tooth comb to gently work out the tangles. This will prevent your hair from breaking off and snapping, thus preventing damaged ends and leaving you with healthy hair. Otherwise, you continue as normal, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots.

Limit Heating Tools

Heated styling tools already need to be limited for your hair in general, as they can cause lasting damage, but after the chemical treatments, your hair will be more vulnerable to it. This is, at least until it’s regained moisture. However, styling your hair with heated tools within the first week or two can have a risk of reshaping your curls. You can still use them, just only do so when needed.


Lastly, if you want your perm to last for a long time, you may find that every so often you will need to have touch-ups done. Perming is a semi-permanent procedure, so while it can last for a very long time, you may notice every so often that it needs some extra help. This is good news too, for anyone who doesn’t want their hair to remain curly permanently.

Last but not least, make sure you listen to the instructions your stylist will give you on proper perm maintenance, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! We are always happy to help our customers maintain the hair they love.

If you’re looking, Suede Salon & Spa can help you get and maintain the perfect perm for as long as you need. And if someone you know is looking to get a perm, you can purchase our Gift Cards to give them an appointment with you! You can find us located at The Promenade, 500 NJ-73 South, Suite E12 in Marlton, NJ or give us a call at 856.985.0700. If you’re interested, you can find our app on iTunes and Google Play for easy scheduling and maintaining your appointments.

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