Reduce the Signs of Aging with Professional Facials

08. 31. 2021

If you’re past your early 20s, having a great skincare routine may not be enough to prevent the signs of early aging. Professional salon facials not only help to keep your skin feeling healthy, but they can also rejuvenate your skin so it’s younger-looking. In some cases, they even slow down signs of aging. At Suede Salon & Spa, our expert estheticians have a variety of facials, and we’ll assess your skin’s needs to determine a facial treatment that will proactively improve your skin’s health, tone, and elasticity.

When does premature aging begin? Our skin goes through a natural process of regeneration, shedding dead skin cells and replacing them as well as encouraging the production of collagen and elastin proteins. However, when we age, those processes slow down, causing fine lines and wrinkles to begin to show. Aging can begin as early as your 20s, so it’s vital to keep your skin stimulated to encourage naturally younger-looking skin.

The advantage of salon facials. All professional facials involve deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning, and moisturizing. They also utilize professional tools and techniques you cannot get at home. At Suede Salon & Spa, we offer a skin assessment so we can recommend a facial treatment that will benefit you.

Our facial treatments will remove pollutants from your skin, provide deep exfoliation for the removal of dead skin cells, boost blood flow by massaging the skin, encourage the rejuvenation process for healthy skin, infuse vital nutrients into the skin, and address skin issues such as acne or uneven skin tone.

Here are just a few of our special facial treatments for you to choose from:

  • Express Facial: This mini facial will cleanse, tone, and bring a healthy glow to your skin. It’s great for those just starting to see the signs of premature aging.

  • Signature Facial: This is a customized facial to meet your specific needs. You’ll enjoy a soothing facial, as well as a neck & shoulder massage after your skin has been fully cleansed, exfoliated, and extractions are completed as necessary.
  • Anti-Acne Facial: If you have acne issues, this facial actively rids your skin of acne and alleviates future acne problems with a double cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, chemical peel, clearing mask, LED lights, and specially-formulated serums and moisturizers.
  • HydraFacial®: We offer signature, deluxe, or platinum HydraFacial® treatments to suit your needs, infusing the skin with peptides and antioxidants for immediate, noticeable results.

You can also enjoy our Red Carpet Facial, T.L.C. Facial, or Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment to aggressively revive, rejuvenate, and help to reverse the signs of aging.

Well-being benefits from facials. While skincare is important, so is your mental health and wellbeing. Professional facials allow you to escape from the daily stressors and give you the time to relax and invigorate your mind while rejuvenating your skin.

By scheduling monthly facials while practicing good skin care at home, you’ll be helping to slow the signs of premature aging. Make an appointment at Suede Salon & Spa to help keep your skin healthy and young-looking. You can find us at The Promenade, 500 NJ-73 South, Suite E12 in Marlton, NJ or give us a call at 856.985.0700. Our expert hair specialists are ready to help you get healthy, manageable hair. You can also book an appointment using our free mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play.

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