Gorgeous 2022 Wedding Looks To Try This Fall

10. 15. 2022

With leaves in the air so is love when you plan your autumnal wedding. Planning ranges from venue to hair and make up, to make every last detail just as you envisioned it. And wedding trends are a great thing to keep in mind when you envision, considering they can offer some smoking and creative ideas to include in your bridal look! You can try out one of these great styles with Suede Salon & Spa any time!

Full Eyebrows

Having full, thick elegant brows is a perfect look trending this year for anyone about to get married. Eyebrows are one of the most important aspects of the face as they help convey emotion, and expressions, so keeping them bold and thick will help ensure that all your pictures capture your happiness accurately.

A Dewy Skin Glow

If you enjoy looks that are simple but have a lot of flare, a dewy-skinned look is a look you need for your wedding day! This gorgeous look will allow you to look fresh, youthful, and energized all throughout your ceremony and reception. It should resemble a look like a morning dew, giving you a slightly dewy look as the name implies.

A Floral Flowery Hairdo

Deck your wedding day ‘do’ out with flowers and floral pins for a beautiful trendy style! The great thing about this is that you don’t have to have a particular style to execute it well- you just simply include the floral themes. Floral head decor is sure to add a little extra beauty to your big day.

Blushing Pink Lipstick

Pink is punching its way into trends of all kinds this year and soft pink-tinted lips are the perfect thing to set your wedding look apart from everyone. It is a gentle, classic color with a variety of choices. You can choose something a little more subtle, or something bright and enticing!

Elegant Ballerina Look

The ballerina bun is a perfect, elegant hairstyle for a simply gorgeous bride. You can count on them to give you consistently great results. This look can be sleek and simple or include a simple stylized swirl to the bun.

Minimalistic Makeup

If you are a simpler girl, then you may like a more minimal approach. Subtle, yet beautiful, minimal makeup looks are a great way to look your best while keeping the attention on your gorgeous dress. This can consist of mascara, foundation, a nude lip, and maybe giving your eyebrows a little love.

Dazzling Short Hair

Utilizing a new stylish pixie cut can be just the way to knock off socks when you make your way down the aisle. Pixie cuts are cute, easy to manage, and easily styled with cute pins and accessories. If you are feeling particularly dazzling you can add a little sparkle to the do as well!

Highlights In Pink!

Pink is a breathtaking color and goes great as a highlight. Any girl with a love for pink will simply not be able to resist the sparkly sheen and splendid hue of a pink highlight glazed across their cheeks for their wedding day.

Decorated Pinned Bun

A pinned-up bun is beautiful, easy to achieve, and has a lot of options. This style is great for a bride looking for a versatile trend to give her own creative flare too! How high and low the bun may be, the style and decor can all be chosen specially for each unique bride.

Make sure your hair looks and feels its best the day of through proper care and safety! Use our heat protectant spray to keep your hair healthy and luscious through the day of hair styling and makeup.

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