Try Out These 7 Quick And Easy Winter Hairstyles For Busy Women

12. 30. 2022

When it comes to hair, getting it nicely styled can be a big deal, especially for the busy lady who doesn’t have much time to do her hair every day. Thankfully, there are a lot of different styles you can do in just a minute or two, that doesn’t require much effort but still look gorgeous! Here we have just a few great ideas you can try out next time you are in a hurry.

Just Wash And Go With Curls And Perms

If there is one thing a curly girl is blessed with, it's the ability to look great without needing to try! Just do your normal routine and you’re ready to go. The messier your hair looks too, the better. It provides a casual but gorgeous vibe anyone would love.

Try A Low Knot

The ease and versatility of this look will have you putting your hair up like this every day. A low knot is professional, but stylish and keeps you from having to deal with your hair more than necessary. You will look chic and put together, without having to spend more than five minutes on your hair. You can add whatever accessories you want to as well, to make it that much more personal.

Variety With Fishtail Braids

If you love a versatile look, you will love fishtail braids. They can be incorporated into many looks, adding flair that normal braids would lack. Do pigtail braids, or add them to a bun. Do a fishtail milkmaid braid if you want something quick but fancy, and out of the way. Or just do a half-up, half-down braid- whatever fits your style and schedule best.

Add Braids To Your Buns

Speaking of adding fishtail braids to your buns, you can do this with normal braids too for a simpler but equally lovely style. Create your own unique personality and look with an easy technique for a professional, everyday look.

The Edwardian Gibson Tuck

If you want to try something a little different, that gets your hair securely out of your face and off your neck, try this. The Gibson tuck is an older method of pinning up the hair. First, you make a ponytail, and you can use rollers to roll it up to the base of your neck and secure it. To make sure it doesn’t come out, be sure to pin the elastic as well to hide it.

Bind Up Your Bun With A Scarf

A quick simple way to really add flair and color to your hair is through accessories, and with the winter time here we recommend scarves. Scarves are not only flashy and stylish, but they also provide protection to your hair against the elements. This is a good look for a casual day out on the town, especially if you’re using bright colors and cute patterns.

Quick and Easy Half-Up Bun

Really pressed for time? Try a simple bun, but leave half the hair down. This is a great half up half down style that, while not particularly flashy, is cute and gets the job done! And that is what is important when you have things to do. You will love this style

If you find yourself unable to shower and wash your hair, you might benefit from a dry shampoo. This will help ensure your hair stays styled, smells great, and doesn’t get greasy. Dry shampoo is very often a lifesaver for ladies on the run a lot, so make sure you have a stash on hand!

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