7 Thrilling Cold Weather Colors For Hair This Season

10. 25. 2022

If you or a loved one is looking for a sporty new hair look, you will want something that is up to standard with modern trends. You can get that with us at suede salon and more! With a variety of colors at our fingertips, we can offer you anything from the most vibrant rainbow colors to a muted grey. All you have to do is decide what trendy look calls out to you most, and we can do the rest.

Pretty Ash Blonde Color

This popular shade is great for someone looking for something a little cool-toned. This can vary from being pretty much completely platinum, to grey tones being subtly emphasized with blonde accents. This created a wonderful subtle look perfect for someone with a want for a unique and interesting hair color.

Try out a Root Shadowing Technique

This technique is great for anyone looking for a blonde look that is a bit easier to manage. Root shadowing is just as it sounds. Alongside your other coloring, your stylist will add some darker, natural tones to blend in with roots once they grow out. This cuts down the level of maintenance it may otherwise require, therefore also cutting down your salon trips. It will look great even if you haven’t been back to the salon for a while, all thanks to the blended root shadows matching up with your natural hair.

Burning Auburn Red

Red is the color of fire and passion and matches the fall themes and colors splendidly. You can never go wrong with this natural, fiery hue. It not only matches fall, but it will stand out well when the snow hits the ground.

Dark Cocoa Brown

If you are craving a rich, creamy brunette brown then this chocolatey shade will be the one for you. This natural color is a great way for blondes to try out a whole new, thrilling, stunning color and express themselves in a great new way. Plus, everyone loves a good cup of cocoa when it’s cold!

Drizzled Caramel

Drizzling in some sweet delicious caramel to your hair color would be the perfect highlight shade for deep brown locks. A rich caramel color will add an extra bit of dazzle and charm to your typical everyday color

Deep Blushing Pink

Pinky colors are going around, and you are definitely going to love this one! A deep blush of pink gently draped over your hair is just the thing you need for a bold, fun look. This will make for a fun color amongst the rest in autumn, as well as a nice contrast against the white and grey tones of winter.

Get Gray Colors

If you are headed there anyway, why not fully embrace it? A fully grey look is beautiful, trendy, and perfect for cooler weather. You could go for a full solid color, grey highlights, or even embrace the salt and pepper look too! Once you try out this shimmery, shiny look you’ll want to keep it forever.

If you want a spicy hair shade for yourself this fall then Suede Salon & Spa has your back. You can come and find us over at The Promenade, 500 NJ-73 South, Suite E12 in Marlton, NJ and give us a call at 856.985.0700. You can book an appointment using our free mobile app, available on iTunes and Google Play as well if you would like.

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